Good Angel, lead me to my mother.
Bouasse Lebel

from small album~
Wayside Shrines
Hand-colored engraving signed by artist
O, Mary, take our flowers and our hearts
to offer them to Jesus your divine son.
Ave Maria
Love, obeisance to our mother
hand painted 
with mother of pearl inlay
[Garden Shrine]
Sweet prayer at the feet of Mary.
Bouasse Lebel 692
For Mary our hearts
Our Lady our love.
hand painted on silk

Mary presents her Son to us who says: Come to me all.
Mary leads us to Jesus, her Divine Son.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris

miniature watercolor unsigned
Untitled hand colored engraving
F. Gypens, Munich
She is your mother.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us!
Offering to Jesus and to Mary
The Celestial Conductor
This is your mother; she will teach you 
how to love and glorify Jesus.
Bouasse Jeune pl. 1010
Angel of God, intercede for me.
Offerings to Mary
Our Lady of the Oak

Under the protection of Mary
and the guardianship of the good angel.

Through you, O Mary, I offer to God my heart and my thoughts.
Bouasse Lebel
Pour into our hearts the honey of your fragrance.
The pilgrimage to the Virgin is the road that leads to happiness.
Text is different in each language:
O, Mary, obtain for us perseverance. French
Mother, suffer me to come to thee. English
Mary's children are called to be worthy. German
Bouasse Lebel, Paris  pl. 150
Holy Desire of Love for Mary
Oh, my Mother, that all might be for you, the flowers and the fruits of my heart.
O, Jesus, Light Eternal, you have come to dispel the darkness of sin.
Letaille, Paris
Homage to the Queen of Heaven
Hand painted on silk

Child of Mary 
My tender Mother, how I love to refresh myself near you 
and to offer you these flowers as emblems of my pious longing.

Let us pray together.
The Divine Master establishes Mary as mistress of this abode she purifies.  
O, Mary, reign over us forever, you and your divine Son,
Letaille, Paris
The Evening
O Jesus and Mary, You are my first and my last thought.
Most holy Mother,
cover us with your protection.